Tricolor var Melanocrater ~ Tillandsia {Airplant}

Tricolor var Melanocrater ~ Tillandsia {Airplant}


The beautiful Tricolor Var Melanocrater, which is know as an airplant a Tillandsia, makes a wonderful addition to any plant collection.

Its elegant long, stiff leaves turn almost entirely red when given plenty of light around the flowering season.

Eventual (Mature) Height: 25cms

Eventual (Mature) Width: 25cms

Flower colour: Red/ Yellow/ Blue

Watering: Frequent (Please see my Instagram page @moonko____ for more detailed advice)

Light - Bright/ Sunny. Please do not position near a radiator or direct south facing sunlight (Also these plants do need watering)

Please note your airplant may look slightly different from this image, as plants are unique.

Your plant will arrive wrapped in acid free eco tissue paper in a small box

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